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Loopublic officially became a participant of association standard in the field of marine plastics recycling



In July 2023, Loopublic officially became a participant of the association standard "Guidelines for Traceability Evaluation of Recycling of Discarded Plastics from Marine Operations and Accounting for Recycled Carbon  Emission Reduction", which marks the recognition and affirmation of our contribution in the field of marine plastics recycling and low-carbon environmental protection.

The association standard is led by All-China Environment Federation and prepared by well-known enterprises in the field of plastics recycling industry and marine conservation organizations. Our company was represented by Dr. Ran Jincheng to participate in the first expert review meeting organized by the association on 31st July, to discuss and formulate the specific contents and requirements of the association standard together with other expert  members.


The association standard aims to establish a carbon emission reduction accounting method for marine plastic recycling and reclamation for discarded plastics in marine operations, mainly fishing nets and fishing gears, to ensure the authenticity of the source of marine plastic recycling and reclamation data, and to establish a low-carbon recycling and reclamation process traceable evaluation system, so as to provide evaluation standards for the subsequent marine recycled product certification.


Loopublic has always been committed to the research and practice in the field of marine plastics recycling and reclamation. Becoming a participant of this association standard is not only conducive to the further promotion of marine plastics recycling and reclamation, but also conducive to improving the company's visibility and influence in the field of environmental protection.


In the future, our company will continue to uphold the concept of "environmental protection, low carbon, recycling", actively participate in the formulation and implementation of relevant environmental standards, to promote the development of marine plastics recycling and reclamation, and make greater contributions to the construction of a better marine ecological environment.

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